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Woodland Park Residents Approve Short-Term Rental Initiative: What It Means for the Community

Updated: Mar 5

Short Term Rentals in Woodland Park Colorado

Woodland Park residents have approved a citizen initiative defining short-term rentals as dwellings where the owner's primary residence is located.

In the recent municipal election, a substantial majority supported the initiative, restricting short-term rentals to commercial zones. Conversely, a proposal by the city itself failed to pass, which aimed to regulate short-term rentals and allow them in various residential and commercial zones.

Mayor Hilary LaBarre noted the citizens' desire for tighter governmental control over residential properties. Under the new regulations, homeowners operating short-term rentals must affirm continuous occupancy of their primary residence.

Despite disappointment expressed by some regarding governmental intervention over homeowner associations, Arnie Sparnins and Jerry Penland, the initiative's leaders, see the vote as reflecting community concerns about housing availability and affordability.

A moratorium remains on issuing new short-term rental licenses while the city refines regulations to align with zoning codes. Penland emphasized the need for complementary regulations from the city council to support the initiative's goals.

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