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Mayor Kellie Case and Newly Elected Council Members in 2024 Election Triumph

The unofficial results of the 2024 City of Woodland Park elections have been announced, bringing in a new leadership team to guide the city into its next phase of development. Among the winners is Kellie Case, who secured victory in the mayoral race, alongside four council members, each with distinct visions and promises for the community.

Kellie Case, a seasoned figure in Woodland Park's municipal governance, emerged victorious in the mayoral race. With over two decades of service to the city, Case's extensive experience and dedication to the community have earned her the trust of the electorate. In a statement following her win, Case expressed her gratitude to the community and pledged to uphold the values that make Woodland Park a special place to live, work, and play.

Joining Case on the City Council are Steve 'Smitty' Smith, George Jones, Teri Baldwin, and Jeffrey Geer. Each council member brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, promising to contribute positively to the city's governance and development.

In a recent social media post, Case expressed her pride in the community and emphasized the importance of collaboration and listening to all voices. She commended her fellow candidates for running respectful campaigns and vowed to work closely with them to address the city's challenges and opportunities.

The newly elected officials will be sworn into office at the upcoming City Council meeting on Thursday, April 4, 2024, at 6:30 PM. This ceremony marks the beginning of their official duties and responsibilities in guiding Woodland Park's future trajectory.

For more details and information on the election results, including vote totals, residents are encouraged to visit the City of Woodland Park's official website. Additionally, Case invites citizens to engage with her administration, providing input and ideas to shape the city's policies and initiatives.

As Woodland Park prepares to embark on this new chapter under the leadership of Mayor Kellie Case and the newly elected council members, residents can expect a continued commitment to transparency, accountability, and community engagement in decision-making processes. Together, they aim to build a thriving and inclusive city that reflects the values and aspirations of its diverse population.

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